1.An Intimate Wedding Experience.

2.Focused on your wants, needs and love.

3.You get to leave out high expectations & the pressure of meeting the needs of others on your special day.

4.Making your commitment When, Where, and How you want

5. Elopements can be Luxurious, Adventurous, and Unique.

6.It’s NOT just running away to secretly wed.

7.A beautiful alternative to the traditional wedding day.

Hi, Im Keely Anise!Couples and Elopement Photographer Based in Bellingham, Washington. Thank you for checking out my Blog! If you’re wondering “what exactly is an Elopement in 2020?” then you’re in the right place!

Soooo What is an Elopement???

In short: An intimate wedding experience that’s focused on your wants needs and love.

Leaving out the high expectations and pressure of meeting the needs of others on your day.

Committing to your life together when, where and how you want.

With an Elopement you’re still able to create your ideal wedding day, there’s a lot of misconceptions around Elopements. Those old thoughts and ways don’t apply in the current decade, Elopements have evolved for the better.

Yes, you absolutely can have your closest friends and family come, despite what your grandma thinks, elopements aren’t just for secretly running away one weekend to secretly wed. 

Also Elopements aren’t just for people trying to be cheap. 

I mean… Sure IF you wanted to be on the cheaper side planning your Elopement then that’s totally possible and OK after all Elopements are for YOU.

It’s not about your bridesmaids, aunt Sue, or cousin Bob and his picky eating habits. 

You’re not worrying about a strict schedule or a seating arrangement and your wedding day won’t be a fast blur. 

Elopements are; Slow, intentional, an adventure.

A custom experience focused on you to coming together as one. 

They can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like! 

Simple BoHo dress, barefoot on a stunning beach, and a pizza picnic after? YES PLEASE!!

Designer gown, helicopter ride to a mountaintop and a personal chef in your luxurious cabin after? 


Seriously an elopement can take place anywhere that is special to you, the possibilities are endless. 

Are you interested in seeing what an all day Elopement timeline could look like?

Here are some custom made all day Elopement timelines.

These are made for Mount Baker or the Northern Cascades National park.

Examples of both sunrise and sunset summer Elopements.