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standard Full day film production

- All day director of photography

- commercial camera kit (2+ cameras)

- Commercial sound and lighting kit

- 2 full day editor rate

- pre-production planning and story line design

- Behind the scenes videos/photos

- 30 minute session

- minimum of 5 high-res edited and retouched images delivered in an online gallery

- 1-2 backdrops and outfits

- 2-4 week turnaround

- limited commercial copyright release

- up to Two backdrops

- One product Collection ( 1-6 items )

- a minimum of 15 edited high-res images delivered in an online gallery

- 2-4 week turnaround

- Limited commercial copyright release

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Starts From:

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Hey, I'm Joey!

I'm passionate about creating lively brand content videos that I have adapted to "Stop the scroll" and help you get the engagement that your business desires.

Splitting my focus 50/50 on both long form and short form media to create the biggest impact on your clients and aid in measurable growth within your company.

*Cough Cough Tiktok and Reels*

I specialize in in depth pre-production planning, immense sets, craftsmanship, unique design, and truly exceptional post-production work.

With 8 years experience as a freelance video specialist I truly give my all to create the exact vision you're dreaming of.

Joey Winkler

Co-Founder, DOP + videographer

Keely Anise





Video ad's get 3x as many leads

in 2022 85% of other businesses use video ad's across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest

Facebook video ads reach 30% more people for the same ad spend amount as their photo only counterpart

Mini Blogs

Map out your 2023

So you’re getting ready to fill up your content calendar but you’re not exactly sure where to start?

The main goal is to plan ahead and set yourself up for consistent sales so that you can take back your time and no longer overwork yourself to a point of burn out.

Let’s break it down into simple steps and four yearly quarters so that you can slowly map out your year ahead of time.

Step 1: Evergreen Photo/Video Content. Unlike special releases and holiday collections your evergreen Content only focuses on truly embodying

your brand/company. These are the photos of your staples, core collections, Lifestyle photos and simple head shots.  It’s the foundation of your business and what you offer year-round, rain or shine.

Step 2: OK so as I’m writing this we are in Q4 of 2022 and actively rolling into our holiday season.

If you are also reading this at the same time I can only assume that you have already got 2022 Q4 planned out and you are planning ahead for 2023.

So… Step two: Q1, Write down your list of special launches, new products, and unique ideas that you would like to be showcasing for January, February and March.  Create a list ofn"must haves" and their due dates, fill in the blanks with creative evergreen content that is fresh and new for your audience.

Step 3: Q2 ,consider your spring and Easter content, as well as fresh new photos in spring outfits and happy/sunny settings.

If you’re not launching any season specific items this quarter then this is a good time to brainstorm blog ideas that are packed full of value that will serve your existing clients and help attract a new audience.

Step 4: repeat the above steps for both Q3 and Q4.

I suggest writing these down in a journal or on a PowerPoint and leave a handful of blank pages for you to add in inspiration as time goes on. Be sure to reevaluate at the end of each quarter to see what has worked best for your business and come up with ways to re-create your most popular content.

Step 5: create a new list by laying out the least time-consuming/highest revenue bearing items.

Be sure to always start with creating engaging content for your products that take minimum time but yield maximum return so that you can ensure that your year is packed with consistent outreach/engagement on those products.

These are he items that are projected to help your company be stacked with passive income flow so that you can spend more time focusing on the fun and new launches you'll be preparing for the rest of the year.

This way you can put more time and effort into those heavy hitting, time consuming activities without hitting a wall of burnout.

Hint: If you’re already feeling overwhelmed just by thinking about starting your list shoot us a message And book a discovery call where we can brainstorm together and build your list easily, quarter by quarter.

How Often To Post On Instagram

Oh the most asked question....

Boy oh boy… *Cue the evil laughter*

The question that sits in the back of your head every time you pop on Instagram..

“How often should I post on Instagram?”

Well grab your hair tie and hold on tight baby because we are about to dive in to this delicious question.

Nowadays it seems we are constantly bombarded with new releases and constant updates to the Instagram platform. We’ve heard it all…

“Post exactly at 5 PM on every Wednesday, share once a week, share every day, don’t share too much you’ll annoy people,

Don’t share to Little you’ll be forgotten about”


Let’s not focus on what every other Instagram guru is saying. Let’s focus on the cold hard facts. The fact that on average less than 3% of your followers actually see your single post and if you’re barely posting online because you’re waiting for your content to be “perfect” then you’re missing out on outreach and opportunity for growth!


on average less than 3% of your followers actually see your single post

So… The first thing You’re going to do is make sure that you are on a business or creator account so that you can track your insights. The only data that truly matters is your own data so be sure to follow that and take note of it what video/photos have performed best.

Now the only way for you to actually track your content, is for you to be posting!! I mean posting and posting and posting and posting. You need to be sharing valuable and relatable content with your audience as often as possible. You want to be relentless, you want to be on their mind, you want to be reaching new people, and honest to God you want everyone around you know who you are and what you’re doing!!

Massive growth comes from Massive action. Who cares about how amazing your content is at the moment, you will learn and grow through trial and error! It’s important to show those around you that you are the expert, and you 100% are sold on your own product.

If you’re not sold on yourself how do you expect others to buy from you?

Don’t be afraid of a post flopping, a post with low engagement will never harm you.

But never finding out what actually works for you through real data by rarely posting online WILL hurt you.

More posts = more outreach = more eyes on your products.

Invest in a Content Stockpile, Photoshoots, or if you’re on a tighter budget, just make sure you have a good camera on your phone and practice taking videos of yourself or your products every day!

If you need help coming up with caption ideas or what to post send me a text at 360-602-2109 with your full name, Instagram handle, and ask for your free one month Instagram planning guide.


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