The best podcasts for entrepreneurs in the creative industry.

November 19, 2020

Oh yes good old Podcasts….. You listen to them while you’re doing your dishes, While you’re driving, possibly in the shower if you’re a weirdo like me. 😂 

But we both know that the absolute best podcast is one where the host truly gives their all! 

Let’s be brutally honest, Half of the podcasts out there these days feel like an extremely long sales pitch, and they give you an inch but nothing to completely work within your business. These shows I’m recommending to you are wonderful entrepreneurs! They give you solid advise that you can immediately implement in your business. 


You might know me as a dashing Couple’s and Brand photographer 😉 and I feel lucky to love what I do… but behind the scenes, I’m always learning too. Here are 3 podcasts that teach me something new every day: 

  1. Manifestation Babe
  2. Six Figure Photography
  3. For The Love of Money. 

I’m sharing this because a) their content is awesome, b) I believe it’s important to hire someone who’s always learning – not just staying static, and c) I want to help you learn all the new and amazing tricks that I find will help your business flourish! 

Why are podcasts so popular?

  1. Podcasts are so easy to consume!
  2. They help you use your imagination, and build up the story in your mind.
  3. You will find much more free education while listening to podcast’s vs searching for blogs online.
  4. They’re separated by Niche, so if you find one show that really calls out to you, you can binge listen to their content and usually learn all that you need to know without having to search for an episode for each seprate subject that your interested in hearing about!

Is it healthy to listen to podcasts often?

Here is a great blog that highlights the benefits of listening to podcasts!