Updated for 2021: Why to Hire a Proposal Planner + Photographer duo

November 19, 2020

A proposal is a once in a lifetime moment. So you should make it as memorable as you can. A marriage proposal is crucial; A good proposal strengthens your bond with your partner and sets clear expectations for your future life together. 

Showing your love and respect for your partner and expressing all of the things you love most about them can be nerve-racking in the moment! It’s hard to do it all on your own. 

That’s why I having the perfect photographer/proposal planner is the way to go! 

  1. With our unique perspective, looking in on your relationship from the outside, we will take the time to get to know you and help craft you perfect proposal plan. 

2. We work within your budget and put together all the little details that you wouldn’t even think about! 

3. When you hire a Proposal planner and photographer duo to plan and capture your moment you’ll be able to let out a sigh of relief! Your moment will be captured beautifully! I have a very artistic approach to my photography and I pay very close attention to all details. 

4. your planner will show up early and set up all of the props and Decor ahead of time! They will never know it was coming! 

5. We can create large signs, customize bouquets, schedule Arches or candlelit walkways, classy champagne glasses for a celebratory “POP” and toast. Matching “I said yes” jackets and so much more! 

6. We can find musicians to hire or bring my own portable speakers to set up music of your choice. 

7. Videography add on package is always available! 

8. With a proposal planner you can keep your amazing plans a secret! You never know if a family member or friend will accidentally spill the beans!


What is proposal planning?

Proposal planning is when you sit down and plan the perfect proposal for the love of your life. Instead of doing it on a whim, you’re hiring someone who will help you with all of the little details that you would never be able to manage all by yourself! Hiring a proposal planner takes the stress out of your moment and gives your partner that perfect moment they always dreamed of.

Is a proposal necessary?

You only marry the love of your life once. A proposal is crucial because it sets the tone for your intentions and future relationship as a married couple. It shows how much you care and respect them! Everyone deserves a beautiful gesture of love by their forever partner. You can express your intentions with more than just words, create a beautiful experience out of it, and have the images to remember that moment for decades.

What to do when you want to propose?

  1. First make sure you’re both on the same page and want to be married at some point.

2. Ask their parents ( but be sure to not tell the details of the surprise!)

3. Check out their Pinterest! You’ll be surprised to see what you find for inspiration. 8/10 women have created a wedding or proposal inspiration board

4. Buy the ring! I personally thing simple is better, because later they can choose a band to help customize it to their ideal style. But just to be safe make sure you’re able to exchange it if it ends up not fitting well. For example certain rings can be scratchy or even too wide and painful.

5. Write out your speech/proposal, and make it personable and sweet! Truly pour your heart out.

6.Plan a celebration!

Where can I learn more about proposal planning?

Here are some great places to learn more! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marriage_proposal_planner



How much does a proposal cost?

They can vary but usually a fully planned proposal with a photographer will be between $600-$2,500. Here is a useful price example!