Step 01

avoid the distractions

This means NO large logo's or patterns

(lace is an exception here)

Patterns and logos are distractions and take away from your images; we want to focus on you two and your beautiful location! Plus fine pattern button up shirts tend to cause a effect called Moire; "a visual phenomenon causing busy patterns or repeating lines or curves to appear to dance or bleed in and out of eachother."

Step 02

Accessories and props

Hats, jewelry, sunglasses.

Set up a Picnic, pop champagne, bring a bouquet! Go all out! the more you bring/decide to do the more unique images there will be in your gallery.

Step 03


Consider your surrounding area when choosing what color to wear. You don't want to blend into the background and get lost in your image. and for engagement photos you can choose colors that compliment your wedding color scheme or aim for a crisp bright white!

My favorite colors to capture are, White, Black, Deep green, Tan/Brown, Rusty orange, Bold reds, and Mustard yellow.

Step 04

Layers, Texture, and movement.

-Movement is KEY that's why us photographers love long dresses!

-Layers/props are very pleasing to the eye and its fun to have pictures with and without them!

(Jackets for example, She wore her fiance's coat for some of the images and it was so cute!)

-Texture, Leather, ruffles, rhinestones, velvet, lace, sheer items. These help elevate your style and help give that wow factor to your images!