Step 01

Step 02

Pick your location + Date

Create a list of the vendors that are most important to you.

Decide what season/month you would like to get married in. This changes drastically depending on your location. Would you like fall colors, romantic winter vibe, spring flowers? Once you know your location and date you’re ready to move to step 2! (not venue yet!)

Vendors book up fast. It’s so important to make a list of the top three vendors that are most important for your wedding. Everyone is different so make this unique to you and your partners needs. Some find photography and videography to be most important others think venue, some care about a luxury dining experience, and so on!

Step 03

Step 04

Book your top vendors

Choose what kind of wedding fits you best

Once you’ve got that list book your vendors as soon as you can! My personal top three are photography and videography, venue, and a florist.

Scroll down to see a list of different wedding/elopement ideas and what makes them unique.

Style time

Step 06

Step 05

8 months before

Book remaining vendors

Time to get your engagement photos done and start designing your invites! This is also the time that you should start putting together your bridesmaids and maid of honor proposal boxes.

Ideally you should have everyone booked 6 to 8 months before your wedding date. Especially your photographer and wedding planner because they will lend a huge hand with helping you put every last detail together perfectly. This is also the best time to join local bride groups, for advice and vendor reviews/refferals.

Step 07

Step 08

6 months before

3 months before

At this time you should have your timeline sorted out and all of your vendors connected + on the same page. Ideally you won’t have any more planning to do and now it’s time to sit back, relax and be super excited for your big day! When planning your timeline it’s important to involve your wedding planner and your photographer. If you only speak to your wedding planner for this you’ll miss out on valuable time and lighting expertise that you photographer has. You pay a lot of money for your photographer and and they know how to get those exact images you’re dreaming of.

1. Start trying on dresses + make a seamstress appointment for any alterations you may need.

2. You’ll also want to plan/have your bachelorette party around this time!

3. If you’re wanting to have a choreographed first dance this is also the time to book your dance teacher.

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