Hey there! I’m Keely Anise, a Bellingham couples photographer specializing in adventurous couples photography.

Capturing ambitious, adventurous lovers all over the PNW.

I absolutely love to capture your pure essence; showing your true personalities through stunning photography is what I live for.

8 Ways to make your elopement more special.

1. Create a relaxed timeline

2. Invite those you care most about

3. Get all day coverage from your photographer

4. Pick a sentimental location

5. Have a first look and first dance

6. Have loved ones that are not attending send in letters to read on your special day.

7. Splurge on little details that represent your love.

8. Include your favorite foods and activities.

There is no need to wonder ” How can I make an elopement special? ” It’s simple! Make the day all bout you and your love.

No stress, no worries, just the best day ever with the love of your life.

From including your favorite activities into the day, planning a special dinner with your favorite foods, dancing away into the sunset to your custom elopement day playlist; to simply just setting away a special block a time for you to bond as newlyweds.

The possibilities are endless; & the best part about it is that this day is 100% focused on YOUR needs and wants.

No need to stress about your timeline, seating arrangements or what kind of food you’ll be serving.

It’s all just chill beautiful and full of love.

Just the way your wedding day should be.

So tell me…. What does your dream Elopement day look like?

May it be luxurious or Sweet and simple. Urban or a wild adventure.

As long as your day speaks to your soul then I’m absolutely positive it will be amazing.