Hey there!! My name is Keely Anise and I am a couples photographer based in Bellingham, Washington.

I help adventurous couples get astonishing photos and plan an experience to cherish for the rest of their lives.
Wild, fun and unique adventures capturing you and your partners innermost moments.
There is nothing I enjoy more than helping capture your beautiful love story!
Whether I am just helping by providing this guide for you. Or you have chosen me as your photographer. I’m just so happy that I am able to give you a helping hand with your planning!!

  1. Dramamine Motion sickness medicine
  2. A sheer lightweight sunscreen
  3. Allergy medicine
  4. Spare warm blankets in the trunk
  5. Hand warmers
  6. Toilet paper.
  7. Emergency umbrella
  9. Paper map
  10. Compas
  11. Extra socks and shoes
  12. Spare trash bags
  13. Snacks
  14. First Aid kit and sharp pocket knife
  15. Cupcakes….. because if you’ve got this far you deserve a treat.

That me and my boo ^